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2018 West Coast Goldfish Palooza – The Goldfish Council

West Coast Goldfish Palooza FAQ for this Weekend:

Q: I did not receive a ticket in the mail or by e-mail, how do I get in? A: Please bring either your ID and/or your email receipt and we will check you in and stamp your wrist for return on Sunday. There are no physical tickets for the event.

Q: I purchased my registration online already, but I’d like to bring some of my fish to compete in the show, how can I register for a tank? A: We still have plenty of show tanks available to show fish. Just sign up on the day of the event before the show start time.

Q: Do I need to register for individual lectures ahead of time? A: Lectures on Saturday are on a first come, first serve basis. At each lecture we will have a sign in sheet so we can correspond with you afterward with any supplemental material. We are limited to approximately 50 seats at each lecture.

Q: Can I compete in the show if I purchase a fish on the day of the event? A: Absolutely! This is very common and demonstrates the skill of the selection process of fancy goldfish.

Q: What are the vendor hours? A: Vendors will be at the show for the entirety of the event.

Q: Is there food or beverage? A: From 11am-2pm, we will have a food truck on both Saturday and Sunday to purchase food and drinks. We will also have water for sale.

Q: I purchased my registration already, but I want to join the Judges School on Sunday, can I still sign up? A: Yes! We still have about 15 spots available in the Judges School on Sunday and you can register in person.

Genki Nishikigoi and The Goldfish Council are proud and excited to announce the 2017 West Coast Goldfish Palooza educational seminar, sale, and competition. Source

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