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2018 West Coast Goldfish Palooza – The Goldfish Council

West Coast Goldfish Palooza in 5 Days! San Jose, California Saturday June 30th and Sunday July 1st at Genki Koi Inc

Vendors! Lectures! Judges School! Competition/Show! Raffles! Silent Auction! Live Auction! And don’t forget…..TACO TRUCK!

Raffle & Auction merch from: #coralife #omegaseas #fluval #newlifespectrum and more!

Donated auction and raffle fish from TGC Board Members Gary Hater, Mark Rausa, and Joshua McWilliams. PALOOZA!!!!! #westcoastgoldfishpalooza #goldfishshow

Genki Nishikigoi and The Goldfish Council are proud and excited to announce the 2017 West Coast Goldfish Palooza educational seminar, sale, and competition. Source

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