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Central Florida Koi and Goldfish Show 2017

It’s February and my outdoors ponds are 58-60F, my koi pond has fish looking for a meal. It’s an odd winter in Ohio, my tulips are up and six inches tall and the crocus are blooming. The bee hives are alive with activity.

Indoors, two lines of Ranchu are just busy making babies, seven spawns. Earlier in the winter my Veiltails did about the same thing. Winter has been busy, so a break is in order.

We are off to sunny Florida, many of our Board Members and Directors, are off to enjoy one of the biggest koi and goldfish shows in the USA.Hope you come to Orlando and see our friends at the Central Florida Koi Show, ( The Goldfish Council has sponsored several trophies for the goldfish show. 

Hope to see you there!

TGC President Gary

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