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Happy Friday and early winter! Lots of folks bringing in fish this week form th…

Happy Friday and early winter!

Lots of folks bringing in fish this week form the frigid outside. Mine were between 35F and 40F when I brought them in over the last few days. Seems their is confusion and worry about how to do this. Over the decades I have developed two simple methods that fit most people’s hobby. Here is what I do with a few pictures;

1) Get a 5 gallon bucket lined or unlined and fill about 2/3 with pond or tub water from the outside that they are living in. Try not to pick up a bunch of dirt, weeds or leaves. In this water add up to four large fish. Bring them in the house ( cover if they are jumpers). Add an airstone and hang to about 1/2 the water depth. If the fish are really big , like shubunkins or comets add a clothespin to secure the air line in-place. Then, do nothing for 20-24 hours. The next day pick up or net the fish and add to your tank. Personally I never add bucket water to the tank. I prefer to pick up to prevent slime removal. For the next week feed soft food like adult brine shrimp, steamed eggs or gel food.

2) Alternatively bring the fish in and put in a giant bag and fill the headspace with oxygen and float in the tank or tub for 20-24 hours. Then release and follow the rest of the instructions above.

Photos of this activity are included.

Now for business, The Goldfish Council is a non profit charity and regulated as a 501(c)3 corporation. We are approaching the giving season and also tax time. All donations are tax deductible. On Facebook, you can make donations to Goldfish Council (not The goldfish_db) easily. Learn more at, the program is called the Network for Good. We are listed and we thank the dozens of people who continue to send us funds. Checks are administered by the Network for Good and paid intermittently, picture included.

Thanks for your time, enjoy the hobby!

Gary Hater – Founder

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