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Was at Jones Fish Hatchery ( today, looking at the game fish and …

Was at Jones Fish Hatchery ( today, looking at the game fish and picking up some supplies.

I was talking to the Operations VP, Adam a few weeks ago about protozoans and looking at all the raceways and vats of gamefish, koi and goldfish. We discussed new regulations in the US regarding antibiotics needing prescriptions. When we then talked about oxidants and poisons for protozoans we went right into dips vs. whole tub treatments. I was very surprised to hear that commercially they do mostly flushes. You basically use the recommended dose for the entire tank or tub and after 6 to 8 hours do a 100% flush of the chemistry. So , no tiny dips, and no 24 hour treatment destroying the nitrogen cycle.

A couple of us are trying this with great success on Potassium Permanganate, Hydrogen Peroxide, Proform C and Broad spectrum Disease Control. The result are really quite outstanding. In fact, I like it so much that I did a prophylactic treatment of 85 tanks last weekend. Quite amazing results. The fish immediately look and “feel” better ( based on activity). You might want to try flushing as compared to the other more harsh treatments. By the way, I found Proform C on EBAY…

Until next time, Gary Hater Founder -The Goldfish Council

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