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Our Team.


Founder & CEO




Chris Sotherden

Technology Director and Webmaster


Matthew Lyon



Bryan Rhodes

Chief Science Officer


Josh McWilliams

Membership Director


Amy Sims Shonka

VP of Marketing and Communications


Ted Tai

Region Director


Julie Marczak


Join Us

The Goldfish Council is a volunteer driven non profit organization. This often means that we are in need of help with various projects and to fill open roles within the organization. When we have open positions we will post them to this page seeking qualified candidates. As TGC is a volunteer based non profit organization all positions are unpaid, but the experience of helping to shape the goldfish fancy around the world is a greatly fulfilling reward unto itself. All officers of The Goldfish Council must be registered members with up to date dues paid. If you’re interested in one of the open positions and would like to join the team please email our Director).

Open Positions

Podcast Producer

The Podcast Producer is responsible for the operations of the monthly podcast hosted by The Goldfish Council. They will act as producer and organizer of the podcast. The Podcast Producer is responsible for topic selection, guest booking, podcast scheduling, and running the podcast calls. Successful candidates should possess excellent verbal and written communication skills, work well within a diverse and global team, be well organized, and have knowledge of the goldfish fancy. The Podcast Producer works with the Technology Director for the actual production of the monthly podcast and is not required to have experience with audio recording and editing technologies. Experience with event coordination is strongly desirable but not required.


The Secretary shall report to the Society, via publication, all Election Results. They shall make notes of the monthly Board meetings so the Board’s activities or projects for the month can be reported on the web site from time to time. They shall record all proposals and present them in an orderly list to the Board members so that they may be voted upon. They shall prepare a yearly Questionnaire to the web site or Facebook page, submit it for publication, and tabulate the results so they may forward correspondence to the proper committee, and present informative letters to the membership and/or the Board, wherever the information will be most helpful. The secretary shall also organize and maintain a collection of files and documents relevant to the current operation and history of TGC, including (if applicable); back issues, past and present board meeting notes, past and present questionnaire results, Individual Operating Plans (see This Article Section F), etc.

** This is an elected position. The vote will be held in the appropriate board meeting.

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