Judge Mentors

James Alderson (California)

Gary Hater (Ohio)

Tony Reynolds (Texas)

Russ Taylor (Virginia)

Robert Crosby (Delaware)

Matt Lyon (Idaho)

Joshua McWilliams (Florida)

Bridgett Mitchell (Ohio)

Greg Rau (Ohio)

Bryan Rhodes (Virginia)

Amy J. Sims-Shonka (Kansas)

Chris Sotherden (North Carolina)

Nathan Sylvester (Indiana)

Bill Tai (Canada)

Ted Tai (Canada)

Arielle Wright (North Carolina)

The VP for Judging and Standards leads the TGC judging panel by –

  • ensuring consistency in judging processes and procedures across the organization,

  • adjudicating and resolving disagreements on the application of breed standards among judges and exhibitors,

  • assigning and approving judging assignments for TGC sanctioned shows,

  • providing periodic updates and training for current and prospective judges,

  • nominating prospective slates of judges to the TGC Board of Directors for approval,

  • convening an annual review of breed standards and judging procedures with the TGC Judges Panel,

  • offering judging ethics advice, as requested, and

  • reporting regularly to the TGC Board on the status of the organization’s judging program.


Judge Mentors are senior members of the TGC judging panel who – by virtue of their knowledge and experience – are appointed by the VP for Judging and Standards to

  • offer support and guidance to other members of the TGC Judges Panel

  • lead judging panels with assisting judges who are seeking to refine and elevate their judging skills

  • are available for consultation with attending judges, including during shows

  • actively participate as judging trainers and counselors, and

  • as requested, assist the VP for Judging and Standards in making judging assignments.