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2017 West Coast Goldfish Palooza – The Goldfish Council

Goldfish Palooza – The Competition

August 24,25,and 26, 2017, marks the Goldfish Palooza at Genki Koi and Goldfish in San Jose California. Sponsored by Genki Koi,The Goldfish Council, Water Pigs USA, Dandy Orandas, King Koi and Goldfish and Coast Gem USA. Additionally; *i Lectures and discussions by Jennifer Lynx, Gary Hater, Neil Teitler and Joshua McWilliams.

* A Raffle of fish for the benefit of The Goldfish Council Research Fund.

* A uniquely different Bowl Competition * Fish for Sale, hand-picked for this event by Genki Koi& Goldfish, Coast Gem USA and King Koi.

The Competition:

Class 1, Top View Ranchu born in the United States in 2017. This event is for keepers, breeds and groomers. The US has many established and new lines of Japanese and Thai origin that are top view. To name a few; K&S ( Kagyama X Suzuki), TOKS ( Tashiro X Suzuki), MXO Matsuyama X Suzuki), Haysashi, Kashino and Suzuki. Every wonder how different these fish are at one year? Are they distinctive enough to pick out of a crowd of other Ranchu lines? Are we improving these lines or are they slowly degenerating? Exhibitors may have two fish per bowl.

Class 2, Top View Ranchu that were born before 2017. These are Nisai and Oya. These are the breeders of this type of Goldfish. It is most interesting to witness the details on the wen as these fish mature. It is also interesting amazing to see the broadening of the peduncle and the changes in tall stiffness at these sumo wrestlers mature. Exhibitors are encouraged to bring multiple specimens.

Class 3, Orandas, historically the most popular fish kept in America. We now have four disctinct types of Orandas in the USA; Thai, Japanese (mostly Azumanishiki), Chinese, and Red Caps. These guys can get large . Class 4, The Ryukin is a very popular variety. These are available as long tail, short tail and broadtail. There are also Japanese, Chinese and Thai varieties.

Class 5, The Butterflies are unique fish with a square tail and come in a wide range of scale types. There are a few very great lines here is the USA, most keepers and breeders fell this fish is very graceful.

Class 6, Side View Ranchu (SVR) and Lionchu. These Ranchu differ from the Top View in three major areas; the peduncle transition and the tail spread, and the curvature of the back. These fish are becoming ever more popular in aquariums. Yes, they are popular because you view them through the glass from the side.

The educational seminars will detail how to pick the best of breed type. The Goldfish Council is still accepting donations for trophies and ribbons for this historical event, interested contact

Genki Nishikigoi and The Goldfish Council are proud and excited to announce the 2017 West Coast Goldfish Palooza educational seminar, sale, and competition. Source

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