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2017 West Coast Goldfish Palooza – The Goldfish Council

Our August Goldfish event is expanding with the addition of internationally famous Neil Tietler as a speaker. Neil is a world famous goldfish author, geneticist and historian. He plans to share some of his life works from studying goldfish in Japan. Plans are talks about the history of goldfish and goldfish genetics. We have limited seats available for the 1.5 day educational program and competition. please consider reserving early so you won’t be disappointed.

Also, Russ Taylor is lending us a really exquisite top view Ranchu illustration for our commemorative tee shirt, details to follow as we finish up the design.

Genki Nishikigoi and The Goldfish Council are proud and excited to announce the 2017 West Coast Goldfish Palooza educational seminar, sale, and competition. Source

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