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2023 Canadian Goldfish Virtual Goldfish Competition III

The 2023 CGVGC III has ended, and the competition was tough. Eight competitors exhibited thirty-two goldfish. It was refreshing to see a great competition with people that are new, coupled with people that have been in the hobby for decades.

The Goldfish Council uses certified judges with standard score cards for this type of even. Greg Rau from Dayton Ohio USA was the judge and Gary Hater from Cincinnati, Ohio USA was the recorder. Greg has been in fish keeping for over forty years and keeps and breeds Philadelphia Veiltails, English Veiltails, Bristol Shubunkins, Discus and a few others. He has a 20-tank fish room, a three-tub hibernation barn and an ornamental pond.

The judge uses a score card with that measure eight categories. Each fish starts with 500 points. Each type of fish is placed in a class. The fish with the most points in each class competes for the top awards. This show has unlimited classes and four major awards. The awards for this show were Best in Show/Grand Champion, Reserve Grand Champion, Judges Choice and the Novice Award.

Grand Champion was an exquisite Calico Kirin Ryukin by Billy Tai with 500 points.

Reserve Grand Champion was a beautiful Jikin by Gerard Siew with 497 points.

Judges Choice was a near perfect Mouse head Pearlscale by Shawna Burrows with 490 points.

TGC Novice was a great black Oranda by Dominic Chan with 400 points.

Comments: - Oranda was the largest class. - Ten fish scored over 450 out of the potential of 500. - Seven fish scored 490 or higher out of a possibility of 500. - No fish were disqualified. A big thank you to Aquapets/Kowloon Aquarium for sponsoring this event. The winners will be contacted shortly.

Head Judge: Greg Rau.

Judge and Writer: Gary Hater

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