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A belated Happy New Year! As we enter a New Year, it is always nice to do some …

A belated Happy New Year!

As we enter a New Year, it is always nice to do some planning about the spring and summer just around the corner. I find it helpful to list the pond and tub projects you intend to do in 2019. After you have a list, I generally like to plan for the pond cleanings and the tub fillings. If you put that maintenance weekend on the calendar, it often happens on schedule, otherwise some things get pushed off until prime growing season.

For many serious indoor breeders this is baby season. People in cold weather areas really enjoy this time of year because of the thrill of fry, the coloring of babies and the selection of future show winners. I have added a couple of shots so you understand the thrill.

Some of our board members, Mark Rausa, Rob Crosby, and Joshua Mc Williams are starting to plan for our education lectures. We have three events in the conformation stage of planning. The announcements will start to pop up in the next eight weeks. We have a few questions; What topics do you want to hear about? Do you have a speaker (s) you want to meet in San Jose CA, Dayton/Beavercreek OH or Raleigh NC? Think about these items, and look for a thread or two to develop on “The Goldfish Council – chat” or comment on this post.

If it is time to renew your support for our charity, please get on Pay Pal and commit today!

Thank You,

Gary Hater – Founder The Goldfish Council

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