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Attention Fellow Patrons!​​​​​ Nominations for the Board are Open

All Patrons,

We are a month behind on nominations because of the work on the new website, and making a living. Nominations for select Executive Board, Voting, and Non-Voting Board Members are open until June 30, 2022. Please forward you nominations to Gary Hater, Founder of The Goldfish Council using Facebook Messenger.

Want to help and you have goldfish as a hobby but you don’t want a new job? The TGC has a large board comprised of voting and non-voting members. Non-voting members do projects such as; proof reading, fish articles and working on events. These tasks are often short in duration. We also require participation in a monthly zoom call eleven months a year.

Voting board members work on large long-term projects like; shows, schools, standards and fund raising. If you are interested talk to a board member and send Gary a short note about your interest by June 30th.

Executive Board Positions 2022/2024

President - Gage Hardford

Vice President - Ted Tai

Secretary - Open

Treasurer - Open

Thanks in advance for your Interest,

Joshua McWilliams


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