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Blog 2016-3, Food, Floating, Fry, and Future by Gary Hater

Quick, basic components aka the Pantry Mix:

For homemade food recipes that are organic, fresh, nutritional peak of perfection, bar no expense, you will have to wait a few weeks. Let us start instead with the basics from the pantry that can be completed in 30 minutes. I promise we will get to high brow pigment containing wild caught fish skin and turnips from the garden soon. But, first you must learn the basic recipe, to minimize the mess and the expense with a formula that always gels (works). There is nothing worse than having premium expensive ingredients that are made into a gel mix that never sets and you are stuck with a glop that will not become fish food, and  then be left wondering forever two things; What did that cost and is it going to be just a slimy mess.

For me, most weeks, I want to make the stuff quick, not smell up the house, and get the dirty dishes in the dishwasher quick and without disturbing my wife. If you follow the initial instructions, you will be home free and the fish will be robust and happy.

My basic recipe is what I like to call the Pantry Mix. I buy the components routinely and generally I can make this in 30 minutes and can be done and cleaned up with 5 to 8 pounds of gel food that stores in the refrigerator for weeks and it also freezes well. The basic ingredients are;

  1. 4-5 cups of hot water, never boiling

  2. 14 -18 ounces ( 400-650grams) of canned protein

  3. 14-18 ounces (400- 650 grams) of a canned or frozen green vegetable

  4. 14-16 ounces (about 450 grams) canned pumpkin

  5. 8 ounces (about 225 grams) of wheat germ (plain toasted or raw)

  6. 13 – ¼ ounce packages/ envelopes of plain gelatin (Knox brand or generic unflavored).

  7. Two multivitamins, and a couple of extra vitamin E’s

  8. A couple of Magnesium mineral supplement pills, and a couple of Calcium pills with Vitamin D.

  9. A dash of garlic powder, not garlic salt or a minced clove of fresh.

  10. Recommended: a backup of some commercial unflavored bread crumbs or extra wheat germ

Note: I sometimes add a third can of vegetables (and have less wheat germ).

This is my typical starting mix, that whisk is a critical tool, you must coat the tines with the gelatin.

Ok, homework assignment: buy the ingredients on the list above and next week we will assemble. Below are a couple more tools to gather to be prepared;

  1. Measuring cup

  2. 3-4 quart sauce pan

  3. Food processor (blender may have to do).

  4. Whisk, as pictured above.

  5. A rubber or plastic spatula.

  6. Quart sized plastic containers with lids.

You might also consider some extra ingredients like a ½ teaspoon of paprika, 1 teaspoon of spirulina powder, a couple of raw eggs.

I promise, we’ll have more pictures next week.


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