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The Goldfish Council in 2017 & 2018

As we approach the holidays, the board thought we might to do a little review and add some thoughts to the future. TGC had a great second year in existence with lots of Facebook activities by its’ members, and membership is now well over 100 hobbiest. Ramping a grass roots non-profit is always fun, and the TGC Team spends significant time in Facebook and creating and operating educational events. With great sponsors, (Dandy Orandas (GOLD), King Koi and Goldfish, Coast Gem USA, Water Pigs USA, and Genki Koi and Goldfish) we continue to be able to plan, create and expand new events. In 2017 we had a great time at the West Coast Palooza in August at Genki Koi and Goldfish in San Jose CA. In September at Breeders Social XVIII the key Breeders and Board members had an advanced judging seminar. In October our third Richmond Show and Educational event was a superior and growing show, auction and educational piece. Brian Rhodes and committee did a tremendous job. Teaming with the James River local club was priceless.

Behind the scenes,TGC has partnered with the Dayton Koi Club for June 2018 for a show, auction, and educational event. TGC has a Research Roundtable in-place for January 2018. State of the art breeding, genetics, raising Veiltails, Broadtail Moors, Top View Ranchu are key topics in sunny Tampa Florida.The web page has all the details, The At the time of this writing we still have some seats available. Joshua McWilliams is organizing a small silent auction and Gary Hater is donating a few specimens that will fit in your carry on bag if you are flying in.

Genki continues to support the The Goldfish Council and we are jointly planning a summer 2018 event, West Coast Palooza II. Kevin Pham continues to be a great friend of the TGC.

Now for the business items:

TGC will have two Board Member openings in May, if you love Goldfish and desire to to work for a non-profit consider joining the Board. In May, RobCrosby will transition to president. It is the end of the year, consider making a donation to The Goldfish Council which is fully tax deductable as a charitable donation as the TGC is a Certified 501(c)3 organization. Not enough time to be a board member (3-5 hours a month), consider joining us as a committee member for the West Coast Palooza, the Dayton Show and Auction, or the fall Greater Richmond event. Set up, tear down, hospitality, and running the auctions are all important short term commitments, call/email/IM a board member. Thanks for your time,

Gary Hater


TheGoldfish Council

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