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Good Morning all! We are most happy to report that the auction was a huge succes…

Good Morning all! We are most happy to report that the auction was a huge success. A couple of small glitches but over 1/2 of the lots posted sold. The research and education fund continues to grow and the board meeting last night ( 1/11/17) suggests we will be able to start our first research project this summer at the rate we are going. The board has suggested some great topics for research, but we want to ask you all to send us some ideas. Today the suggestions include; cataract removal, investigations into floating diseases and causes and the Ranchu pond algae cycle. This forum would like to hear from you all, write us, let us know!

We now have 16 blogs posted, Amy Shonka and her Black Broadtail Mores are a great new addition. Finally we are getting some comments, we look forward to additional discussion.

On our HOME page on this site, in the upper right hand corner we have newly adopted standards for all the varieties typically available. These are under review for improvement. Now is the time to look at these for your favorite fish and offer input before the committee acts.

In May 2017, TGC will have its’ first election. Our web master will be adding some information on this in the Jobs available section. We are searching for a new board member to become secretary.

Our membership continues to grow and if you have joined recently, your shirts will be out in February. If you are thinking about joining, there is still a few days to get in on our new shirt order the month. People do love the shirts!

I have added a few pictures to this post. Detailed information about the pictures are in the blogs for the most part.

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