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Happy March ! Here in the Midwest USA, spring bulbs are up, the koi and goldfis…

Happy March !

Here in the Midwest USA, spring bulbs are up, the koi and goldfish are moving around in the ponds, and inside, we have fry and chasing. It is a great time for you all to read and comment on the ever changing blogs. The Goldfish Council (TGC) is quickly coming up on its’ first anniversary and getting ready for a election in May. The activities and work products have been ramping up over the last twelve months; Breeders Auction, Awarded 501(C)3 status by the IRS, a successful show in Richmond, VA, ,new comprehensive Goldfish standards, use of the standards in multiple Koi and Goldfish shows, and several blogs on our web site ( In 2017, we plan on improving all of the above items mentioned and focusing on several education programs that we are formulating. The illustrations attached to this post are part of out standards. Our Texas judge, Tony Reynolds has adapted the standards in a lecture to assist people in buying new quality fish. Hobbyist and vendors love the new age guidance.The standards are on the web site, are you looking to buy a new fish? Pull up the variety you are considering and see how it rates, if it doesn’t score a 90 or above, you might want to pass.

Back to the elections in May.

We have two board positions open, one for VP of Communications and the other for a Board member at large. For both positions we require some work monthly, including a 90 minute phone meeting. The VP of communications is the keeper of documents, all show and News releases, the agenda manager, and calendar manager. Perfect job, for someone who wants to be close to the action but does not necessarily consider themselves an expert. The other Board position can be anyone with a goldfish skill set, to be honest, TGC would prefer to have an additional board member from out West or up North. Please let Joshua McWillians know if you are interested in having goldfish fun at this level of involvement, reach out to him at or Elections will be in May.

Too busy to be a board member ? We are also looking for a Director in California to launch an education program and another as an assistant marketing person for some activities we have planned.

If you are unsure, please communicate with our active staff!

Thanks, hope to see or chat soon, Gary TGC

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