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Happy Saturday! I just left the fish room, more than 20 tanks of young fish and…

Happy Saturday!

I just left the fish room, more than 20 tanks of young fish and fry, and it is the full moon. Several of the brood stock tanks look ready to go. When you have a line of fish for more than a decade is always fun as they get ready to spawn, because they swim differently. The males are paying attention, there are little nips and nudges, and as we as hobbyist are tasked with getting them to start spawning. For many of us, this is big bag of tricks, here are a few;

– Change water (50-60%) and refill at a temperature that is 2-4F lower than the present tank temperature.

– On the same day feed a large meal of Adult Brine shrimp.

– Leave the light on or at least lengthen the day by about 4 hours.

– In the evening, add some steamed white rice, if you are cooking it add some garlic. ( if your fish have never seen this, it may sit a day, no worries).

For many breeders it is really great holiday season when you get eggs on the holiday of your choice! For me, eggs on Christmas is kind of a tradition.

As the year comes to an end, and many of us have off work time, it is a good time to plan your hobby with friends. What are your spawns for 2019? What new group of fish are you going buy? Where are you going to go to further your goldfish education?

The Goldfish Council is planning on three events in 2019, The Dayton Koi and Goldfish Show,Sale and Auction – June 8-10, West Coast Palooza III in San Jose CA. in late June, and one other (at least). A committee is forming to bring a event to the greater Raleigh NC area in August. If you are interested, you might want to message Arielle Wright, Katelynn Fisher, and / or Joshua Mc Williams. Join the committees!

Our sister page The Goldfish Council-chat, continues to explode with lots of posts and numerous people joining us daily! Give us a post, it is pretty fun! I have included a few pics of my breeders for you viewing enjoyment.

May all of you have a happy, healthy and fun fish holiday season.

Thanks Gary Hater – Founder The Goldfish Council

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