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TGC Breeder’s Auction – Official Launch The Goldfish Council is proud to announce the official launch of the TGC Breeder’s Auction. The TGC Breeder’s Auction is a new online goldfish marketplace for trusted domestic breeders to be able to sell their goldfish to fellow hobbyists. The auction is launching in 2017 with the first auction scheduled to open January 2nd at 8PM EST.

For the first quarter of 2017 all breeders selling in the auction are TGC™ board members. Initially all fish sold in the auction will have been donated by these board members. All proceeds minus shipping from donated fish go directly to TGC. In the future for fish not donated to TGC a portion of the proceeds of each auction sale will go to funding TGC operations with the remainder going to the auction seller.

Starting in the second quarter of 2017 TGC will begin opening up the marketplace to additional domestic breeders. All auction participants (buyers and sellers) must have an active membership with TGC. For those who do not currently have an active membership, memberships can be purchased at Membership (for US/Canada) costs $25 annually and in addition to auction access, members receive a free embroidered TGC shirt.

What you will get for your membership: Full access to the new website complete with articles, blogs, podcasts, and Breed Standards High-quality men’s or women’s shirt with the Goldfish Council logo embroidered on it Contact information about breeders around the country Exclusi… Source

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