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Joshua Mc Williams and Gary Hater have been discussing Research on Goldfish at T…

Joshua Mc Williams and Gary Hater have been discussing Research on Goldfish at The Goldfish Council. TGC is largely composed of serious hobby peolple and breeders.The TGC is an educational and research organization.,we have figured out the education format that works in San Jose. Our board discusses how we might do research until we get a sponsor with adequate funding? So the board is discussing a research roundtable in 2018 on breeding and line breeding.

Simply put, noted breeders would open a discussion with 10-20 slides and then lead a research type collaborative discussion with interaction from other noted breeders and participants. By mixing knowledge with knowledge from others we would drive the narrative towards improvement. Back in my work days, a group of professors have been doing this for about 12 years in the area of methane research. The in-person free exchange of ideas results in tremendous improvements internationally and great friends. Our board thinks this will work for goldfish also, we are largely asking you viewers this; Would you come to Tampa in January ( a place with cheap airfare ) and spend a Friday afternoon and Saturday discussing the Advanced Goldfish Hobby? Yes, there will be a small fee, we are thinking a moderate priced motel near the airport. Please give us some feedback!

Some proposed topics include:

Line Breeding and raising Ranchu

Veiltails since the 1890’s

The Modern and classic Bristol

Breeding Eyetype lines from scratch.

Northern Crown Pearlscales

Consider giving Joshua McWilliams or Gary Hatert some input on instant message or right here if you prefer! Source

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