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Lots’ of stuff going on! The Goldfish Council – Chat on Face Book continues to …

Lots’ of stuff going on!

The Goldfish Council – Chat on Face Book continues to grow at a rate of 3 to 8 people a day. It is a chat and discussion wall and the contributors are into subjects that often produce a long thread. I encourage you all to go and participate or lurk. Some of the recent threads are more like a conversation, many of our viewers/participants really enjoy the content. While we get some emergency calls, but most of what we are seeing is about diet, where to buy, new fish, plans for breeding and raising young fish.

Today we finished a donation drive with matching funds from Facebook. We have surpassed our $1000 goal and are generally targeting the upgrading of infrastructure surrounding our summer events. From all of us on the board, thank you for helping us grow into more professional nonprofit. Our patrons like to think of us as the NPR( national public radio) of the goldfish world.

Several members recently asked for a hobbyist breeders list. We have a list formatted and are going to launch on the web site before Christmas. Presently we have 31 varieties listed and 28 breeders, in Canada and the United States. We hope that this will give all hobbyist access to great young fish.

If you are breeding fish of any particular variety (ies), we would be happy to add you to the list. We are only asking for your name and the breeds you routinely produce. People will then search you out on Facebook. We are not collecting personal information, other than the goldfish you breed. If you desire to be added to the spreadsheet please PM me, ( Gary Hater).

For me, breeding season is ramping up, below are some Bristols that were hatched on Novemebr 16th. You can see the Mattes, Calico and Metallic fish from a Calico spawn.

Until next week, may your week be goldfish every day.

Gary Hater – Founder, The Goldfish Council LLC

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