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Mark Rausa has been working with the staff and we are most happy that the web si…

Mark Rausa has been working with the staff and we are most happy that the web site is more user friendly and continues to improve almost daily. Big thanks to Mark! In the last few days we have added three “must read” articles by our staff.

Bryan Rhodes, our Chief Science Officer has released a great article on Blue Philadelphia Veiltails. Give Doc a read!

Rob Crosby, our VP of Operations has submitted a soon to be classic blast on Breeding Strrategies. The referenced pictures make the article perfect for new and established breeders.

Joshua McWilliams, The VP of Membership and Director of Florida has updated the history of the Blue Egg Phoenix (BEP). Now that the fish is being commercially bred and also kept by several breeders we hope that many of our readers will be able to enjoy this heritage beauty in 2018 and the years to come.

Mark, Chris, and I have been chewing away on the our member run research study to understand nitrate in our hobby. This web site based research study is a beginning for The Goldfish Council. Later this month we will be asking 20+ members to spend a few minutes a week, taking a measurement after a water change in a couple of their tanks, and to upload some data. This is a study that is Basic to our hobby and is now just experience and gut based. We are asking newbies, breeders, clean freaks, plant people, and more to join us for a few quarters of work in Phase I. Then, study refinement, new topics and more. Watch for this! Join us! and have more fun in your hobby.

Thank You and enjoy more out of the hobby with us!

Gary Hater President Source

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