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Merry Christmas! ( just practicing) Below is a pair of Lavendar Ranchu We are …

Merry Christmas! ( just practicing)

Below is a pair of Lavendar Ranchu We are working on spawning. We have had these for about 14 months and while they are nudging and dancing no eggs recently. Seems they are waiting for Christmas.

Talking about breeding, over the last several months several people asked where do you find what amatuer breeders have yearly. So, The Goldfish Council has put together a Breeders Registry on our page. Here is the link

Yes, there may be mistakes, omissions and people missing. No worries, we are going to add and and delete quarterly. Mark Rausa and Chris Sotherden have linked the players to their Face Book ID, but some of the analog folks will be more difficult to get hold of. If you message us, we will get the contact for you.

The registry is valid for the US and Canada at this point. Forty breeders and over 30 varieties listed so far. Some of us, will make suggestions on how to make it better and easier to use. Send them or post in “The Goldfish Council – chat” on Face Book, but I ask that you rememberr that we are not giving out breeders private addresses, emails, or phone numbers on our pages. We have people asking for a searchable tool and Mark and Chris are talking about this, but we are looking for a plug-in for Word Press at this time. THank You for your your time, come chat with us on the The Goldfish Council- chat

Gary Hater – Founder The Goldfish Council Source

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