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Our Last speaker for the West Coast Goldfish Palooza 2019 is our VP of Education…

Our Last speaker for the West Coast Goldfish Palooza 2019 is our VP of Education. For more info or to buy tickets for the upcoming event visit our website

Joshua McWilliams grew up in sunny Florida with a love for animals, he even won his first goldfish at a fair named snowflake that lived 10 years. Joshua’s involvement with 4-H and the Future Farmers of America led him down the path of raising, breeding, showing and selling many different types of animals, including rabbits (Mini Rex, Netherland Dwarf, and Fuzzy Lops) and Lamancha and Toggenburg dairy goats. He is a former member of the American Rabbit Breeders Assocation and American Dairy Goat Association; his stock have won numerous championship titles in competition.

After Searching for a hobby involving animals that he could raise living in a city high-rise condominium, Joshua found the goldfish fancy. His interest sparked his thirst for knowledge about the fancy, which brought him to where he is today. He jumped in head first with a breeding program concentrating on Butterfly Telescope and has expanded his focus to other varieties. Joshua has also joined a few other select breeders around North America in the Blue Egg Phoenix preservation project.

He is the current Vice President of The Goldfish Council. Joshua has recently made the move to the Greater Cincinatti Area and has expanded his aquatic hobby to include Koi. On the weekends he enjoys gardening and time outdoors. He also loves attending, judging, and competing in Goldfish and Koi Shows.

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