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Presenter Bio: Jayson Tanega


Aloha, fellow goldfish enthusiasts! My name is Jayson Tanega, and I am delighted to share my passion for Japanese Ranchu. For the past ten years, I've immersed myself in the art of raising and caring for these magnificent fish right here in the tropical paradise of Hawaii.

My Journey with Japanese Ranchu:

My journey with Japanese Ranchu began a decade ago when I loved their unique charm and graceful demeanor. As I delved deeper into goldfish keeping, I realized that raising Ranchu is challenging. Despite my dedication, I faced setbacks and losses, which motivated me to seek ways to improve my skills as a Ranchu keeper.


A Connection to Japan:

Fortunately, my connection to Japan through my wife, who is from Tokyo, is valuable in my quest for knowledge. With her translation skills, I could access a wealth of information from Japanese Ranchu masters, watch YouTube videos in their native language, and even correspond with experts through written letters.

Learning from the Masters:

Determined to provide the best care for my Ranchu, I embarked on a transformative journey to Japan. During my visit, I had the incredible opportunity to learn directly from renowned Ranchushop owners and esteemed Presidents of the RanchuAssociation. Through interviews and discussions, I gained invaluable insights into their techniques, secrets, and years of experience in Ranchu husbandry.

A Quest for Improvement:

I must admit my journey has not been without its challenges. I've faced failures and, regrettably, lost many Ranchu. However, these experiences only fueled my determination to do better. Armed with the knowledge I acquired from Japan, I returned to Hawaii with renewed enthusiasm and commitment to creating a nurturing and thriving environment for my beloved Ranchu.

Sharing the Love for Japanese Ranchu:

Through this presentation, I hope to share my passion for Japanese Ranchu and the invaluable knowledge I've gained from my experiences and encounters with experts in Japan. My goal is to inspire fellow enthusiasts and help them provide the best care for their Ranchu.


My journey with Japanese Ranchu has been filled with challenges, discoveries, and a deep appreciation for these remarkable fish. I am honored to be a part of this dedicated community of goldfish keepers, and I look forward to learning and growing together with all of you.

Thank you for joining me on this journey, and I am eager to share the wonders of Japanese Ranchu with you all!


The Goldfish Council Webcast

The Goldfish Council is presenting our firth virtual Zoom meeting on October 28th with guest speaker, Jayson Tanega.

Please join us live on Zoom at 1 PM EST on October 28th, 2023 where Jayson Tanega will conduct a 45 minute presentation on raising Japanese ranchu in Hawaii. All attendees will have the opportunity to correspond with Jayson live on Zoom. This event will be available exclusively to TGC members/patrons.

Meeting ID: 607 675 1618

Passcode: sent in email rsvp reply

We are looking forward to seeing you all virtually!

Zoom Guidelines for The Goldfish Council Webcast

· We encourage you to conduct yourself as if you were in an in-person meeting, being courteous to all.

· At the beginning of the meeting, we will have some time for a meet and greet so everyone can get settled in.

· When you enter the meeting, please write your name in the chat and indicate whether you are a TGC member or a guest.

· Once the meeting has started and during presentations attendees will be muted, but the chat will remain open.

· If you have any questions, please use the raise hand function or post in chat. You can do this at any time.

· If you have questions for Jayson specifically, you can send a private or public chat and one of us will reply to you as soon as we can.

· We will also have time for members to chat after the presentation has concluded and all questions and comments have been answered.

Please RSVP in the link below.

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