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Rob’s Fishroom Diaries-Introduction

By Rob Crosby

Although I have been keeping and breeding goldfish for about 15 years now, I am always amazed that I can still learn something new just about every day. For most of that 15 years, I had a basement fishroom and several outdoor containers and ponds, however, I recently retired and relocated to Rehoboth Beach, Delaware and had to start all over again. There aren’t many homes with basements in this beach community, so I had a problem with how to migrate my fish hobby to our new home with no basement, and only a small garage with no water. I had planned to invest in a separate rental property down here to provide me with some retirement income, so I eventually found one that has a big garage with windows, a sink and free well water. I was also fortunate to find a tenant with a sense of humor who doesn’t mind me using the garage space for my fishroom. Almost everything I had learned previously about how to manage my goldfish hobby no longer applied in the context of my new digs. The garage is unheated, and with no AC, it gets super-hot in the summertime. As well, I can only visit the fishroom once a day, so round the clock feedings and water changes are no longer realistic for me. I had to learn how to optimize the use of this new space with kidde pools, various tubs, and a bunch of aquariums. I have discovered some new tricks, DIY solutions and synergies that actually work pretty well. I plan to revisit this blog regularly to share my new knowledge as well as the trials and tribulations. I will also share real time events dealing with the biology of goldfish, such as feeding, spawning, genetics, and diseases. Please check back soon!

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