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It is almost the end of May, lots of things going on in June 2018.

First, The Goldfish Council has partnered with the Dayton Koi Club to put on a joint show, auction, educational event, and sale on June 9 & 10,

It is going to be quite an event, judging of both the Koi and Goldfish will be an educational event. Our Goldfish judges, Chris Stufft and Dan Young as well as the koi judge will be discussing the entered fish while judging. It is a rare opportunity to understand why these judges are picking or not selecting the various entries. While you cannot ask questions during the judging, the descriptive lecture(s) allows exhibitors and interested guests to understand the “fish pics”.

The picture below suggests that the entries for goldfish is $10 and $5 for each additional entry. After a brief discussion with the show committee, we have reduced the entry fee for the first fish to $5 and $3 for each additional entry. Also, if you enter five or more fish we are waiving the fees and asking for a donation instead. Make fish entry reservations at, and pay or donate at the event.

Gunn Chusalkill – Fish Corner and Mike Wyenschenk – South East Koi & Goldfish will be selling premium stock for your hobby or for entry into the show.

Second, Mark Rausa, Joshua McWilliams and Gary Hater are working hard to set up West Coast Palooza II, the last day of June and the first day of July,

We have four vendors selling fish and supplies this year at the Palooza II, and for both shows Omega Seas is donating buckets of food to supplement awards. Also they are sending samples.

Third, On June 1, Rob Crosby (PhD), will become president of The Goldfish Council for the next 24 months. The board is most excited to have Rob continue our goals and programs. He is also going to add some great content in the future. As for Gary Hater, he is staying on the board to help with events, marketing and technical writing.

Come join us!

Gary Hater President The Goldfish Council

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