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See you in Toronto! Ted Tai has been on our Board of Directors since The Goldfi…

See you in Toronto!

Ted Tai has been on our Board of Directors since The Goldfish Council began, this year he texted me one day and says, ” you coming up for a petshop tour and hang out?” and I said yes. “When you come up could you give a talk” and I said sure. And so it begins! My good friend of 20+ years has arranged for all of us to talk, see and buy beautiful Canadian Goldfish on June 1st at The Fish Sempai;

The Fish Sempai ( Koi & Goldfish Farm) 1268 Kramp Road RR2 Breslau, ON NOB 1MO 1-519-648-9992

We are having a couple of talks, a rare goldfish exhibit, and Andrew is going to have some great fish to purchase. Also, we have a special guest, Bao Gia Dang coming up to discuss the pleasure of rare goldfish. He is a expert on picking good ones ( he has the eye). Ted Tai and his cousin Billy Tai are two of the best amateur breeders in Canada. They breed all the rare fish we seldom see in real life.

The Goldfish Council and The Fish Sempai is so very excited to have our first International Event in Toronto. As with all of our events we hope to make this the first of many events in Canada. Put June 1st on your calendar, it is going to be all goldfish all day.

Below are some great pictures of the Fish Sempai and a save the date poster.

Look for some more details in a few weeks!


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