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Sponsor Spotlight: Goldfish Fairyland

We would like to introduce a new feature in which we introduce you to our sponsors, cleverly named Sponsor Spotlight. The purpose will be to thank them for sponsoring us and introduce our patrons to great sources of fish that they may not have been familiar with.

First up is Goldfish Fairyland, owned by Eric Jiang and located in Las Vegas, NV. They import fish from China and Thailand and have a strict quarantine process. In addition to the usual shipping options they also offer Air Cargo which can be a real money saver if you are near an airport. Even more exciting for our friends to the north is that they ship to Canada!

Gary’s new dragon eyes chowing down on his famous family recipe (steamed eggs)
Gary’s dragon eyes dining on steamed eggs

Goldfish Fairyland first came across my radar when Gary posted pics of some really cool dragon eye red cap orandas. I keep a pretty close eye on who has what types of fish, especially when it comes to some of the rarer varieties so obviously I had to dig a little deeper on this one.

I love fish imported from China, their breeding techniques tend to differ from the Japanese and the result is beautiful fish that I don’t see very often or didn’t even know existed. They also breed great egg-fish, which is one of the varieties that I focus on. I reached out to Eric on Facebook to see if he had egg-fish or anything else weird, and he did! Great phoenix tail egg-fish and in colors that I really like.

Chocolate and blue base phoenix egg-fish
Chocolate and blue base phoenix egg-fish

Since becoming a TGC sponsor we have had more time to chat. He is originally from China and during the pandemic he decided to make importing and selling goldfish a full time job. He loves fish farming and will eventually start breeding his own fish here in the US. Currently his goal is to import the best fish from China and Thailand, being Chinese himself gives him a great advantage working with Chinese fisheries. One thing I like to ask the pros whenever I get the chance; “What is the secret to growing great goldfish?”.

“To raise a good goldfish, I think the most important thing is the water quality of the aquarium, and a strong filtration system. The key is to change water regularly and feed small amounts and often. It is important to observe the goldfish's every move, to achieve disease prevention in advance.”

I did a quick bit of window shopping at and love these guys.

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