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THE FISH MONGER - April 2023

Hello everybody, thanks for over 300+ views of this blog in the last four weeks for our breeders successes. If you are a Patron ( $15 or more donation), I would be glad to add you to this page discussing who has what rare gems for Sale. For most of us breeders it is fry season. Read carefully, many of these prized rare specimens are still fairly small. The way this blog works is people send me pics and prices and I post once a month. If you are interested you message the breeder. Pretty simple, lots of happy folks getting prime specimens. So for this month;

Gary Hater

Shipping USPS or emailed label

Shipping on most Mondays

Bristol Fry - 0.9-1" just coloring$11 each 10/$100

Bristol sub adults, mostly red/black/white $16 6/$100

Calico Philadelphia Veiltails $26 4/$100 2.5 - 3.25"

English Calico Veiltails $30, 2.25" ( very limited supply)

English Veiltails Matte and uncolored metallics $15

Postage $30 / box, $50 to West Coast - PRIORITY MAIL

Calicoes will be selected ^

juvenile English^

Addtional English Veiltails ^

Gage Harford on Facebook Messenger

PayPal or Venmo

UPS 2- day $30

Extremely Rare Road Gooseheads

Mike Ladyga

USPS priority mail $30, West coast $50 /box

Calico and Black Butterflies, 2' - 2.5" tl

$25 each, 3 minimum, 5 / $100

Pay Pal preferred

If you have fish and fry to sell, contact Gary Hater by Messeneger

If you want to become a Fish Monger, become a Patron and send your info to Gary by the 20th of the month.

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