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THE FISH MONGER - Issue 1, March 2023

Happy Sunday, as I finish changing water for the week, I snapped a few Pictures of my offspring from this winter. It has been a fun Goldfish winter. Lots of spawns, purchased some new fish, and received some great hatches from Breeders Circle friends like Joshua McWilliams, Greg Rau and Amy Shonka. The Breeders Circle is a soft agreement between breeders, to help each other have fish lines developed and provide insurance if there is a disaster in your hobby. The concept has been around since 90's in the Goldfish Society of America (GFSA). There are about ten of us that share various lines of fish.

This Blog is THE FISH MONGER, it hopes to list fry and young fish for sale by TGC Patron Breeders to TGC Patrons. At least monthly we intend to see what fresh fish are available by breeders. Occasionally, we will allow excess stock of adult fish to be announced. THE FISH MONGER is put together by Gary Hater. Occasionally Gary, may delegate the publishing to one of his friends. But, in general if you have questions, message Gary. This is how, it is going to operate. If you are a Patron, you can list fish that are available from Hobbyist Breeders.

You basically send a list with pricing and a few pictures to Gary for up load around the 20th of the month.We are going to provide what is available, what is the pricing, what is the postage and a few pictures. All transactions are between the breeder and the purchaser. A couple of things to remember if you are a buyer of fish; 1)Sellers are hobbyist, if you want to pick and choose and expect to window shop, please go elsewhere. 2) only guarantee is for live arrival, unless stated otherwise. 3) When a fish is described we are discussing total length. 4) if you are a pain to deal with as a customer, you fish being black listed from this blog. Here we go...

Gary Hater ( available on Messenger or Instagram)

Pay Pal only

Ships Mondays mostly USPS, $30 priority mail, $50 to West coast, ships to mainland US plus Hawaii with a permit.

Albino Fantails $15, 4/$55, 2-3"

Calico Philadelphia Veiltails $25, 5/$115. 2-4"

Red,Red/Black Philadelphia Veiltails $25 4/$100. 2-3"

Blue Chop/Fantails $15, 2-3"

English Veiltails $35, 3/$100, 2"

Fry- Shonka Moors, Calico Phoenix, Bristol Shubunkins, Tokais $3 ea, 10 minimum,< 1/2"

Gage Harford (contact by @weny0u on Instagram)

Pay Pal or Venmo

Ships Mondays, 2 day UPS

Tosakin $40, minimum 3, 2-3.5" 15 available

Mike Ladyga ( contact on Messenger

Shipping $30, West Coast $50 USPS

Calico Butterflies - 1-1.6", $15 8/$100

English Veiltail X Philadelphia Veiltail - 1-2.5", $25 each, 5/$100

Minimum 3 Fish

Robert Crosby ( contact on Messenger)

Pay Pal only

Weather permitting shipping $30 ( West Coast likely $50)

Azumanishiki ( Japanese calico Orandas)

1-2.5". 6/$120

Thanks for viewing, if you want more fresh fish from the breeders let us know.

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