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The Goldfish Council announces GOLD SPONSOR Dandy Orandas

Twenty Seven years ago this coming July 2017, my family was on vacation in Fort Walton Beach, Florida. It was stormy and rainy and just not practical to play on the beach. My son and I drove over to Mobile, Alabama to visit Dandy Orandas and the then owner Jo Ann Burke. We stayed about two hours and I went back to our condo with ten Midnight Shubunkins and a very large Edonishiki. The fish spent the rest of the week of vacation in buckets in our condo and then drove home with us to Ohio. This was not my initial contact with Dandy Orandas, as I had already been a customer for several years before. My relationship with DO continued for years until one day I heard she sold her business to a guy in Columbus, Ohio.

That guy was Ken Fischer. Over the next two and a half decades I have visited Ken both in Ohio and later in the current headquarters in Michigan. During that time he has also been to my house and several times  we have had deep fish discussions. It is always fun for me to “put him on the hunt” for a specific color or type of fish. My first tricolor calico broadtails and my purple telescopes were from Ken’s Michigan facility.

Ken is one of the oldest importers in the United States and besides a great history of service and fish, his quarantine procedures are really defined and follow a great protocol.

The Goldfish Council has been soliciting sponsors for our educational research programs. We are pleased to announce that Dandy Orandas is now a Gold Sponsor. Our board and directors are most pleased to have a quality vendor with a great reputation on our team.

Recently Ken, went to visit his breeders in China, some excerpts are in a collage below;

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