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Tonight, The Goldfish Council is offering its’ second 100% charity auction. Ever…

Tonight, The Goldfish Council is offering its’ second 100% charity auction. Every bit of money paid for a fish goes to the Research fund and the only deduction is the reimbursement for postage and handling. Payment by PayPal! This week we have added the bidding feature so there is a chance for real excitement and bargains.

Under the direction of Eric Won we have added and grown TGC sponsored Face Book pages to new highs. Not only are they cool and fresh he has them managed around the clock for your viewing pleasure. Presently they include Goldfish Breeders Forum, Ranchu Fanciers Forum, and Oranda Fanciers Forum. Ask to join, read the rules and enjoy. They have cool give-a-ways! More to follow!

The Goldfish Council is most excited to have, under the ownership and direction of Nimit Aroonsakool, Coast Gem USA, as our first sponsor. Monies sent by Nimit will be used for our education and research projects.

We thank him for his generous donation and I can tell you all that I have purchased several prime specimens from him, over the last 18 monts. Below are few examples;

Off spring from the Calico Broadtail Ryukins and the metallic Ryukin, will be offered in our auction on January 30th. NOTE: TGC does not endorse any company, dealer or importer but several of our board memebrs have bought from Nimt and we are most happy with the value and stock. The Goldfish Council Inc., is an inernational non profit charity based in the United States, a 501(c)3. Donations to THG are tax deductable. Nimit will be the first advertizer on this page, we thank him for his trust and friendship.

In our next news update, TGC will announce that we have added directors from several additional countries. These fine hobbyist are joing as members and directors, and will provide content and education in our quest to become a education and research leader in the goldfish world. Our plans for expansion are in the By-Laws on the web page. Please read them, understand our mission.

Until the next time, enjoy the auction, read the blogs, and have fun and get information on our sponsored Face Book properties.

Thanks and hope to communicate with all of you!

Gary Hater -President

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