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We are now two years old, we continue grow, add education and competition events…

We are now two years old, we continue grow, add education and competition events. Part of the growth is growing the board and having an orderly progression of officers. As of June 1, 2018 Robert Crosby will become President and Gary Hater will be moving the Past President position. Matt Lyon our Treasurer will be moving to the board at large and Julie Morton Marczak will be joining the board and become Treasurer. Mark Rausa ( presently Director of the Western Region and Web Site team partner with Chris will be moving to a full board position just in time for for the West Coast Palooza II on June 30 and July 1. Joshua McWilliams will stay as VP of Membership and Education and has agreed to succeed Rob Crosby as president in June of 2020. Bao Gia Dang will join the board as curator of auctions and fish sales. Tony Reynolds our deep South director will join the board and retain his judging assignments in the south and become the Corporate Secretary. Lauren Lin from King Koi and Goldfish will also join the board as the Allied Trade Representative. Many of our vendors have asked for an industry representative, and Lauren has raised her hand. Adam Till, will also join the board as our second Board member from Canada. He is going do a blog and assist with publications.

In the vendor category, we are adding Mike Wynschenk form Southwest Koi & Goldfish and Gunn Chusakil from Fish Corner. Both of these vendors will be selling at the Dayton Event on June 9 & 10 in Beavercreek, Ohio.

In late May, for members only, we will be adding a Breeders Sales Page which will be operated by good friend Bao Dang. If you have fish that you have bred to sell you can list them on the page at no cost.

Just a reminder, THE GOLDFISH COUNCIL is a registered, IRS approved 501(c)3 non-profit charity. We are registered with Network for Good on Facebook as GOLDFISH COUNCIL. Since February we have been getting donations,

Here is a tidbit that I recently learned, Redbud trees have seeds this time of year. And these seeds if eaten by some fishes are deadly toxic.

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