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Welcome – The Goldfish Council

Fall 2016

Dear Goldfish Enthusiast, We are sending this letter to inform you of The Goldfish Council and welcome you to join us. The Goldfish Council (Hereby “The Council”) is an international organization encouraging and supporting the expansion of the goldfish fancy What you will get for your membership: A high-quality man or woman’s shirt with the above logo embroidered on it, full access to the new website complete with articles and Breed Standards, a blog program, contact information about breeders around the country and access to the upcoming “Breeders Auction”. Annual dues are $25.00 and this amount is payable to; Whether you are a collector, enthusiast, a hobby breeder or a dedicated breeder, we have something for everyone. Please join us on our journey. The Goldfish Council

Welcome to The Goldfish Council (TGC) website. Founded in 2016, we are an international community of goldfish fanciers who endlessly delight in the beauty and amusing antics of our favorite freshwater friends. We are supporters of research into goldfish health and genetics, and generously share d… Source

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