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Well, August is here and breeding is about over except for some youngsters later…

Well, August is here and breeding is about over except for some youngsters later this fall. Here in Ohio we have about 65 days of mild weather before things start to cool off and feeding youngsters several times a day ceases. For me, one of my 600 gallon tubs were drained and the young koi were released into the pond. Now refilled, my young veil tails are going outside for some sunlight and fall growth. We are nearing the planning time; what crosses to make, what line I want to invest in, whose youngsters are available, can you preorder something special from Dandy Orandas, Coast Gem USA, King Koi & Goldfish and Genki Koi & Goldfish and what Do I want to breed? For me, this is the rejuvenation period, planning on Veil tail crosses, Ranchu breeders, Bristol experiments and the secret experiments. These examples are just part of the exercise, now you have an excuse to send excess fish to people, find the rare beast /waterpig you desire. Have you ever tried doing a group buy of fish to decrease cost, build friendships and enjoy a new breed? Have you ever called Shampoo or Ken or Kevin or Lauren and said ” can you get me and my friend _ _ _ __ six to eight fish for the 2019 breeding season? Hello, our premium vendors will help you find your premium fish! Don’t recognize the names? Study hard.

Our new President Rob Crosby, is a planner ( and great fish breeder), it is the time of year to ask him if we can do an event in _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ? He is ready to serve

Enjoy the late summer

Gary Hater – Founder

P.S. Face Book said this needs some pics…. Source

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