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Joshua McWilliams


Joshua McWilliams grew up in sunny Marion County Florida with a love for animals, he even won his first goldfish at a fair that lived 10+ years. Joshua’s involvement with 4-H and the Future Farmers of America led him down the path of raising, breeding, and selling many different types of animals; including rabbits, dairy goats, swine, poultry, cattle, pigeons, and sheep. His livestock won numerous championship titles in competitions across the USA.

As an adult he was searching for a hobby involving animals that he could raise living in a city high-rise condominium (St Petersburg, Fl). Joshua there found the goldfish fancy. His interest sparked his thirst for knowledge about the fancy, which brought him to where he is today. He jumped in head first with a breeding program concentrating on Butterfly Telescope and has expanded his focus to other varieties like Eggfish, Frogheads, Lionheads, and Fantails. Joshua has also joined a few other select breeders around North America in the Blue Egg Phoenix preservation project.

He is the current Treasurer & Judging and Standards Chair, past President, former Vice President, Regional Board Member and Membership Chair of The Goldfish Council (TGC). He was a key player in the early stages of TGC, hosting educational events, shows, fundraisers, and membership drives. He became a TGC Certified Goldfish Judge in 2016. Joshua moved to Cincinnati in 2018 and has expanded his aquatic hobby to include koi and other tropical fish. He also breeds and shows Rabbits. Joshua is an Operations Manager for Amazon Air, at the worlds largest Amazon Air Hub in Hebron, KY. On the weekends he enjoys gardening and time outdoors tending to his urban mini farm. He also loves attending, judging, and competing in Goldfish and Koi Shows across the USA.

Joshua McWilliams
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