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Ted Tai

Board Member at Large

Ted Tai, one of the senior goldfish hobbyist and mentor to many in North America, has been breeding and raising goldfish for over 40 years. He has kept virtually all colours and breeds of goldfish. Ted currently keeps tosakin, jikin, various oranda, side-view ranchu, lionhead, bubble-eye, Bristol shubunkin and crown pearlscale goldfish. Over the past few years, he has been working on creating a unique goldfish for Canadians called the “Canakin”, which is a red & white goldfish with a maple leaf shaped tail. Ted’s cousin, Billy Tai, is also among the top goldfish breeders in North America. They frequently exchange rare breeding stock between themselves and with others across Canada.

Born and raised in Canada, Ted currently resides in Burlington, Ontario. He has travelled extensively across Canada and has lived in Toronto, Mississauga, Guelph, Ottawa and Calgary.

Ted has been a member of the Goldfish Society of America, the American Goldfish Association and the Goldfish Society of Great Britain. In 2016, he joined The Goldfish Council as a board member representing Canada. Ted is the first Canadian to serve in the role of President at The Goldfish Council. It is not uncommon for Ted to fly to goldfish shows or events across North America, generously sharing his decades of knowledge and experience on all things goldfish.

Ted is the founder & organizer of the Canadian Goldfish Symposium event which first debuted in Breslau, Ontario Canada (hosted by Andrew Bridgemohan/The Fish Sempai) back in June

Ted Tai
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