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First TGC Breeder’s Auction – Live Tonight (Jan 2nd) 8PM EST

Tonight is the night! The first TGC Breeder’s Auction will go live tonight (January 2nd) at 8PM EST. This first auction is being run as a fixed price sale. So all fish are listed at their buy it now price and bidding will not be required. We’re excited to have goldfish donated for the auction by Matt Lyon, Gary Hater, Bao Gia Dang, Amy Sims Shonka, and Waverly Goldfish in this week’s auction. 

All proceeds from tonight’s auction excluding shipping costs are donated directly to TGC. We are very excited that tonight’s auction will include a rare vietnamese line who’s original farm was destroyed. Additionally there will be several other lines of telescope as well as bristol shubunkins, dragon head orandas, and blue orandas.

Don’t forget that to purchase in the auction you must be a registered member of The Goldfish Council. So be sure to purchase your membership and get logged in before the auction goes live at 8PM EST.

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