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TGC’s Ohio Goldfish Palooza I

To put on a first class goldfish event it takes a lot of effort present on site and behind the secenes. Below is a summary of how we made the great event work. Hope to see more of you the first weekend in August 2024

Ohio Goldfish Palooza 1

Thanks to the Team!

The Goldfish Show and detailed tours of the facility were a phenomenal success thanks to an outstanding team effort.

The Goldfish Council bought 50 new tanks for this event. Chris Benes from Finspiration (pet shop in Cincinnati) sourced the tanks and arranged to have them delivered.

Gary Hater and Bao Dang supplied tents, the chairs and tables were rented.

Greg Rau managed the engineering and building of a new air header and table bracing .

Rob Crosby Judged the entries.

Joshua McWilliams, Will Wen and Cindy Hack tabulated scores sheets and recorded the entries. Joshua will also be supplying a pictorial review with the winners listing later this week.

Gregg Hack was the Writer/Recorder.

Below are most of the key players who made this event happen;

Ohio Koi LTD

Todd Elliott - owner and sponsor

Max Kott - service specialist

Evan Curry - service specialist

Set Up & Tear Down

Greg Rau – Dayton, Ohio

Greg & Cindy Hack – Milwaukie, Wi

Rob Crosby – Delaware

Bao Gia Dang – Columbus, Ohio

Tony Brehm – Columbus, Ohio

Joshua McWilliams – Cincinnati, Ohio

Gary Hater- Cincinnati, Ohio

Bryan Rhodes –Mechanicsville, VA

William Wen – Cincinnati, Ohio

Max Kott- Columbus, Ohio

Evan Curry – Sunbury, Ohio

Dan Young – Anderson, IN


Vito Gervassi – Case of Sponge Filters

Todd Elliott – Titanium Heater & a TGC monetary donation

Lindsay Arrance – Double 40-gallon stand

Joshua McWilliams –A bundle of shirts, hat, ornaments

Gary Hater – Reverse trio of English Veiltails

Greg Hack – a gaggle of top view Ranchu

Event and Show Operation

Todd Elliott –educational tour of facility

Gary Hater – Show Chairman

Joshua McWilliams – Judging and Benching Scoring Chairman

Rob Crosby – Judge

Greg Hack – Benching and Writer

Cindy Hack – Scoring and Benching

Friday Dinner

Bao Dang & Miss Kim – Vietnamese BBQ and Sausages ( G C PHO – Columbus)

Bao Dang – Grill Master

Cindy Hack – Greek Salad

Jane & Gary Hater – Side Dishes and Tableware

All in, we had at least 20 people help make this one of the biggest Goldfish Shows in the country on year 1. The team is excited about making this show a permanent August event and are already planning for 2024. The above people made this event happen, drop them a note and tell them thanks! They worked long and hard to make this happen. Tentative dates are August 2,3, & 4 -2024. Sunday the 4th, TGC and Todd Elliot have a new additional event planned, first ever- Goldfish Mud Pond Pull and Sale.

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