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Blog 2016 – 4 & 5, Food, Floating, Fry, and Future by Gary Hater

Making the Pantry Classic:

Last week we sent you all shopping for the ingredients. Be sure to review them in this post. This week, a two-step mix and assembly. Since this is a big picture show with so much info, I have labeled it for double blog status.

First take four cups of hot water and put in metal pot on the stove, warm on low to medium heat.

Note, never boil this recipe, it ruins the gelatin and you risk having thick soup and denatured vitamins.

Now start whisking in the gelatin and the pill casings from the vitamin E and the calcium. Add one to three packets at a time while whisking continuously.

On the counter, start putting the remainder of the ingredients into the food processor.

In this picture you can see the tuna on the bottom (including the water in the can). The orange is the canned pumpkin and the white is the slurry from the calcium pills. The turnip greens are also in the food processor.

The hand model for these photos is the famous breeder and goldfish system builder, Greg Rau of Dayton Ohio. Thank you Greg for your steady hand and your continuous assistance.

Mix everything in the food processor except the wheat germ and the optional bread crumbs and/or eggs.

While blending this is the time to add your the optional raw egg (1 or 2) as an ingredient, if desired.

After mixing for a few minutes, a few more goodies can be added if you want.

The gelatin in this picture is already in the pan on the stove, but some leftovers can be added to food processor at the end so they don’t get as finely pureed, with this recipe the additions were broccoli plus a few tomatoes.

Garlic powder is always added to the mix, always. Some people prefer mashing garlic cloves but you can see here that garlic powder is used. Goldfish like garlic and if the mixture is bitter because of the medications/vitamins added fish won’t eat it.

At this point the thick mixture from the food processor is placed into the pan of hot gelatin water.

This is the most critical step, the proteins and vegetables are mixed thoroughly with a whisk.

Do not use a spoon. You have to contact the fines with the gelatin water.

Wheat germ is added as a key source of vitamin E and to thicken the pantry mix.

Never mix the wheat germ or optional bread crumbs in the food processor as you will generate too many fine particles that the gel food will cloud the water.

Sometimes bread crumbs are added in addition to or in place of the wheat germ, either because you ran low on wheat germ or because it is more cost effective.

After whisking thoroughly, the mix is put in plastic storage containers or on a wax paper covered cookie sheet.

The gel mix is poured on the wax paper covered cookie sheet and then cover immediately with wax paper, this helps avoid odor.

This mixture keeps for at least two weeks or more in the refrigerator. You can also freeze, then defrost smaller containers or amounts as needed. It is suitable for adult fish and fish as young as 6 weeks.

Ok, this is the basic pantry mix. The next several issues will discuss some options and modifications that can be made on this basic recipe..

Until then, have a great time with your fish!

All the best,


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