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News for December 2016

  1. The Goldfish Council sales and auction page will be open for business the first two weeks in January. Auction Master, Bao Gia Dang and a group of associates have been chugging away at getting the sales effort up and running. We are starting out with a fixed price sale and the page will gradually develop into full-fledged auction. TGC receives a portion of each sale to fund education and research efforts on Goldfish. These auctions and online store will be for for members only. Most of the fish will be from our member breeders! Stay Tuned!

  2. Did you know that The Goldfish Council is a 501 (c) 3 corporation and regulated as a public charity by the United States Internal Revenue Service? Donations are tax deductible. Even our dues are partially deductible ( 60%).

  3. The Goldfish Council recently started a sponsor drive. We are actively gathering sponsorship from those that support goldfish in their business practices. If you’re a part of a business you think fits this description and want more information, contact us!

  4. TGC breed standards are undergoing an annual review during the first quarter of 2017. We’d love input from our members. Can we make improvements? Do you desire another variety? You should tell us what you think!

  5. TGC is planning several educational seminars in 2017, for a reasonable fee, attendees take a short courses and seminars on advanced goldfish husbandry, breeding and standards. These events will also be great opportunities to network and socialize with other goldfish fanciers and breeders. If you’re interested, write us a note and we will keep you posted.

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